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We offer:


  • Bird Watching:  Among others,  four species of Eider Ducks,  Glaucous Gulls,  a Cormorant colony and Kittiwake colony in the  winter season. Razorbill, Guillemot, Black Guillemot, a pretty big Gannet colony  and Sea Eagles at Stauran birdmountain in Syltefjord in the summer season.
    • Get close in on the amazing bird life in the harbor of Batsfjord, in one of our floating photohides .
    • Sightseeing around the Varanger Peninsula.
    • Experience Hamningberg . The fishing village that was abandoned in the 1960's
    • Searafting. Full speed towards the Barents Sea in our 320-hp RIB. 



With activities such as sightseeing,searafting and birdwatching, we will show you Syltefjord, Makkaur, Hamningberg, Varanger peninsula, and also a tiny fragment of the great Barents Sea,, wiith the ferocity and character this area has to offer.