We have, in conjunction with the winter season, had built two photohide for use inside the Båtsfjord Port
We built these in an attempt to get closer to the birds.

Which has proved to be very successful. In these scowl you can take pictures of birds from many different vinklerog much much closer than is usual, you can take great pictures right by the water surface of a bird is about to dive or just coming out of the water, and all this is so close that you take a picture with focal lengths around 18-20mm..altså wide.!
Also included are windows around the shed, so you can take pictures and have a view of everything around you.





 Photo sheds:

Photo Hide number 1 (above) is quite small. There is room for three persons plus equipment.
Foto Hide number 2 (below) are much larger space for between 8 and 10 people.  

 DSC 0015 


You can read more about our photohide here >>

These moored sheds have proven to be excellent hiding places for a bird photographer.
King Eiders swim right up to the walls of the shed and does not appreciably note that there is movement in the small windows in the shed.
birds swim sometimes so close to the shed that you can almost take the animal when it swims past the window.  



 Bird Photographers who have tested our photohide can testify to a somewhat cold but wonderful experience ...
   ... and everyone got great close-ups of these beautiful birds.



 In Båtsfjord Port:
  King Eider, Long-tailed Duck and other species swim right up to the walls of our photohide.