eagle safari



Båtsfjord, Syltefjord and Stauran bird colony has a wonderful birdlife. 
species and individuals are numerous. But one species stands out from the others, the great white-tailed eagle.

White-tailed eagles are particularly numerous around Stauran. In some cases, we observed up to 38 individuals at one time.

One can find white-tailed eagle at Stauran bird colony all year round, but particularly in spring and early summer that the white-tailed eagle thrive.

This is because other species come here every year to nest, making Stauran bird colony to an inexhaustible larder.

White-tailed eagle is the largest bird of prey in northern Europe and the fourth largest eagle in the world.



ornbanner002Arctic Tourist offers daily trips to Stauran bird colony.

It is a trip that takes about 10 minutes from our base in Syltefjord.

We guarantee a spectacular sight in Stauran Fuglefjell, whether you get to see white-tailed eagle or not.



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