Stauran Fuglefjell


Stauran Fuglefjell located in Syltefjord in Båtsfjord Municipality.

With its stretch of the entire 3 km and over 220 meters high, it is one of the largest nesting.

Previously, an estimated that 4.3 million. Fowl, significantly kittiwakes, nested here.

But the stock has gone some back so that now nest around 150 000 pairs of kittiwakes here making Stauran to the largest kittiwake locality.






havsule003In addition, a large nest kolloni gannets here.

Razorbills, guillemots, murres and puffins are also well represented. 


Arctic Tourist want to show you Syltefjord Stauran.

You are wearing a survival suit, get a short recommendation on behavior in the boat and behavior near the birds.
trip to Stauran takes about 8-10 minutes by RIB from our summer base in Syltefjord.



 Hundreds of thousands of nesting birds and sea eagle is an impressive sight ... this is something worth experiencing.


More information in this film from Stauran.