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We offer:


    • Bird Watching:  Among others,  four species of Eider Ducks,  Glaucous Gulls,  a Cormorant colony and Kittiwake colony in the  winter season. Razorbill, Guillemot, Black Guillemot, a pretty big Gannet colony  and Sea Eagles at Stauran birdmountain in Syltefjord in the summer season.
    • Get close in on the amazing bird life in the harbor of Batsfjord, in one of our floating photohides .
    • Sightseeing around the Varanger Peninsula.
    • Experience Hamningberg . The fishing village that was abandoned in the 1960's
    • Searafting. Full speed towards the Barents Sea in our 320-hp RIB. 




With activities such as sightseeing,crabfishing and birdwatching, we will show you Syltefjord, Makkaur, Hamningberg, Varanger peninsula, and also a tiny fragment of the great Barents Sea,, wiith the ferocity and character this area has to offer.






We wish to welcome you to Syltefjord, Batsfjord and to us, at Arctic Tourist.


Syltefjord is, along with Batsfjord municipality, pasted into one of the largest and most

harsh fishing grounds in the world, the Barents Sea.